Practical shoes for pregnancy?

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grar Posts: 87
Just wondering whether anyone has any words of advice regarding footwear during pregnancy? I used to wear a combination of heels and flats to work but now I am just wearing flats and my achilles is starting to hurt. I know a lot of modern 'flats' are a bit too flat so does anyone know what the optimum height/style of shoe is for comfort during pregnancy? Thanks :wv
Playful123 Posts: 385
The one part of my body that suffered during pregnancy was definitely my feet!! So after 5mths i invested in a pair of flat "hush puppies" and they were the best purchase i ever made, so comfortable and great selection in styles & colors ...unfortunately after 7mths my feet decided to widen and ive been in flip flops ever since!! Best of luck, hope you find something!! :o)ll
Hugz Posts: 410
I got croc shoes in Schuh... . They are not the same shape or size as normal crocs... they look like normal shoes but are ultra comfy.. wore them the whole time ... 40 euro i think
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
My feet swelled terribly towards the end and none of my shoes fitted me. I had a few pairs of flat shoes that I got loads of wear out of. Wedges are ok too but I couldn't manage heels! I'd recommend a pair of shoes with leather uppers as your feet won't sweat in them. Having said that I spent the last week of my pregnancy in a pair of flip flops that cost €1.50 in Penneys! Needs must as my feet were ginormous by then.