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sinion Posts: 6050
I know that when you're about to become a mum for the first time you are bombarded with everyone's advice and opinions, which can be helpful but is often conflicting and even detrimental at times when someone is trying put the fear of god into you. Just thought I'd start this thread with simple matter of fact practical tips that you can take or leave at your will. Please feel free to add your own. [list:2020plr0] If you plan on breastfeeding, I'm sure you know already, but don't forget the nursing bras and pads for the hospital. I did, for some reason I thought I wouldn't need them as I'd be feeding all the time and in my pjs anyway. Of course I leaked loads and ruined every top I had with me, soaked them through and had no nursing bras to wear. Another breastfeeding tip, sometimes for whatever reason, it just doesn't work out and you may have to bottle feed. To save yourself a load of stress, have some ready made cartons of formula and bottles ready to use just in case. Practice using the steriliser, and any other items you have before baby arrives so that you're not trying to figure out the instructions with a screaming baby in your arms. Before baby arrives, make sure you or your partner practice putting the car seat into the car a few times, you do not want to be standing outside the hospital dying to get home while trying to figure out how the damn thing works! I'd even suggest doing it a few times to get very familiar with it, my husband finally did one practice after loads of badgering, but when it came to doing it with a real baby he messed it all up and spent about ten minute trying to do it in the rain with a tiny baby in the seat and me sitting across from him giving him evils. Stock up on batteries and always have spare ones, you do not want to be trying to soothe a crying baby at 3am because the batteries on your slumber bear ran out! For epi stitches the best relief I got was from a frozen gel pack that you put into your knickers, the second it went it I'd be groaning with relief, so much better than painkillers. Mothercare sell them but I'm sure you could improvise if caught short. Get yourself some really comfy clothes for at home after the hospital, I found getting into brand new and very cosy lounging clothes a real treat when you're sore and exhausted. Dark towels in the hospital are handy in case of any spillages, but i'd advise to wash them first, I used brand new black towels that I got in Penneys and ended up having to re-shower to get all the black fluff off me. [/list:u:2020plr0] Will add more as I think of them.
Bridezilla07 Posts: 2237
Brill, thanks Sinion :thnk Keep em coming! Zilla07
sarakg83 Posts: 347
just thought id add someting to the list! take a few of the bottles for when u come home, at least it will give a little bit of time to relax before u have to start making them yourself
mammak Posts: 489
Hey all of the above are great. Also i found this great.... BUY A TORCH - and replacement batteries. Its great for hospital if your sharing and its great when baby is alseep and you need something and don't want to wake them with room light. Its also great for at home - when baby wakes during night use torch to get things ready as baby will get used to night and day easier. When family/friends ask can they do anything when baby is born - Found that meals were a great gift - nothing like been all over the place all attention on getting baby sorted and realising you've eaten nothing for hours. My friends shepards pie was a blessing then... Or even cook before baby gets here and freeze. Although i had no time or energy for this. For the first few months would put little man to sleep downstairs during the day - with tv or radio on - so he'd get used top difference between day and night sleeping. Everyones house is messy when babs gets here and everyone finds themselves in their pj's all day at times so give yourself a break. I thought i had to be perfect. EEEJIT! Have a larger bag of nappies somewhere. Its great when you realise size 1 no longer fits when they wet themselves through and you need a bigger size its there for you. Biggest thing though is trust your instincts. Every one finds the first while hard but its your baby and you know more than ayone how to take care of them so trust yourself. Ask for help and Advice is great but thats all it is . Its NOT a rule book. Your a mammy, and its very true here that MAMMY KNOWS BEST - YOU! :xox :xox :xox
bride0807 Posts: 203
girls, these are brilliant, this should be a sticky!
bride. Posts: 3014
Agree with all the above but would like to add.... * If you are bringing cot sheets into the hospital, you could also bring pillow cases and fold them in different ways just under where baby's head is to allow for vomits and throwbacks. I brought 3 sheets and they were all used up in an hour. We always have a pillow case folded in two across the cot mattress now. * A dark towel or disposable shower mats are great for when you are getting in and out of the shower and when you are getting dressed as blood flow is ridculously heavy and sometimes stains. I wish I'd known that one as my bathroom floor looked like the scene of a crime most of the time. *Just in case nobody tells you, you need to change your maternity pad every hour for the first few days. I didn't know and because my baby was in ICU, I wasn't eating or drinking or using the toilet and never thought to change pad from one end of day to the next and nearly got an infection. Especially if you have stitches. apologies if tmi.
LoveACuppa Posts: 296
All of the info is fantastic! Thanks girls. Although, I have to confess that I get very squeamish at the thought of blood or in denial about that part with my head firmly stuck in the sand!!
bride. Posts: 3014
Sorry LaC :o0 wasn't sure about posting it but I wish I'd known myself!
MaltaMammy Posts: 853
Girls this is a really helpful thread! Bride. I'm delighted you posted that it's the kind of thing I'd have been waaaay to embarrassed to ask anyone! :o0 This thread should definitely be a sticky! Mammak the torch is a great idea, would never in a million years have thought of that! I'm going to have to start making a list for myself with all your tips! :o0
sinion Posts: 6050
Absolutely brilliant advice there, no matter how much you read and hear, only you know your baby so if you're being advised to do something that just doesn't feel right then don't do it. The torch reminds me that we got a small desk lamp for a fiver in Argos for his room for middle of the night changes. The main light was waking him too much so this was just enough to see what we were doing without disturbing him. Mitts with elasticated ends are best as we found all other ones fell off.
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