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MammaMia Posts: 33
I just felt I had to post this. I had a bad bleed through the night, as bad as a heavy AF and I have to say was very scared this morning. I really thought I was loosing the baby. I rang Holles St and they told me to come straight it. I had not been in the hospital yet and this is my first pregnancy so you can imagine I was suitably terrified and very very upset. Girls the nurses were amazing. They took me straight in, took blood and had it rushed to the lab. The did a scan almost immediatley to put my mine and ease and make sure the baby was ok. They pointed out all the little bits and everything. They then monitored the babys heartbeat for a few hours to make sure all was ok. They were just wonderful and reassuring and really really comforting. Turns out I have a condition with the top of my cervix which means I can and will bleed a lot through the pregnancy and quiet heavy at times. I'll have to go in a fair bit for checkups and any time I have a heavy bleed. They took the time to explain it all to me and really reaffirm that the baby was not at risk. The level of professinalism and service was beyond what I would have ever expected in such a busy maternity hospital. This is a bit long and rambling but I just wanted to say to Holles St mums that we are in excellent hands! So often we only here bad reports of hospitals so I wanted to post my good one!
bumble Posts: 1980
MammaMia - you poor thing. Thank god they can give you a reason that it's happening and that your baby is ok. Very reassuring. Hope you are feeling ok now and are getting some rest today. Am delighted you had such a good experience with Holles st as that's where i'm going. Thanks for sharing your story :wv
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
you poor thing, glad everything is ok now, that must have been an ordeal.
love struck Posts: 1125
MammaMia So glad everything worked out.. I can only echo your praise.. I too had problems in my pregnacy and actually had to go under a full operation at 18weeks to have an ovary and cyst removed.. At every stage throughtout the process my consultant and the midewifes/nurses were fantastic reassuring me.. Again during labour they went above and beyond..And in the end I delivered the most beautiful/healthy baby girl.. If I have a second I would have no hesitation in returing to hs and to Peter McParland my consultant.. Its good to hear the good stories.. Best wishes with the remainder of your pregnancy
wifetobe Posts: 1438
Glad you're ok, really good to hear. I'm going to be a Holles St Mum and very happy to hear. I had cramping at 10 weeks and they were excellent I must say, really reassured us. thanks :thnk
Finished here Posts: 2860
Gosh Mama M, that was scary experience i am so glad you got such a positive reception from the staff in Holles St sounds like they made the experience much less stressful. I am attending there myself but have only had one visit and my scan visit so far so don't really know yet how i'll find it so your post is good and reassuring to read. Take care and please god the bleeds in the future will not be too stressful for you xx FF
Pinkly Posts: 1414
Had my baby boy there in January and had a fantastic experience, will be going back for number 2 *)