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leanbh1 Posts: 473
We're just in the early stages of thinking about the pram but I really dont want to go somewhere like Tony Kealy's when I'm completely at sea!I've read loads of posts on here but they make my head spin with all the terminology people use!So,some basic questions to start me off: What's the difference between a buggy and a pram? What's a travel system? I have no clue what a carrycot is! What accessories do you need? Sorry.told you I hadn't a clue! :-8
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
Leanbh I was totally like you! Thought a pram was a pram was a pram and then when I started looking around I was dumbfounded! Didn't know what I wanted or even where to start! All I will say is that the staff in most of these places are well used to people like us who don't have a clue! They're very helpful! Not too sure about the difference between a buggy and a pram or whether they're just different terms for the same thing? As far as I know a travel system on one which includes a car seat or allows a car seat to be attached to the frame! A carrycot is flat - a bit like the prams years ago where baby lies flat in it and can be used to sleep in! Most of the carrycots need a seperate mattress if you plan on leaving baby overnight in the carrycot! With regards to accessories it depends on when your baby is due! I'm due a winter baby so I'll be getting a footmuff, rain cover etc! I'm sure there are others who can answer your questions far better than I have though! Especially since I haven't used mine yet! When we went to Murphy's in Rathcoole they gave us a booklet and it has a checklist of questions in it so that they can best match a buggy to you! Will you be using the buggy mostly in the car or on public transport? Rough terrain or city streets? Questions like this! Can't find the booklet now though!
leanbh1 Posts: 473
Thanks,I'm actually really near Murphys so must pop in for that!
chicam Posts: 1169
Don't worry Leanbh, I think we're all a bit clueless to start with!! What's the difference between a buggy and a pram? A pram is a system that allows the baby to lie flat whereas a 'buggy' can also be referred to as a stroller....a more lightweight buggy where the baby sits upright. Prams are what we would all know as a pram - like the silvercross ones. What's a travel system? A travel system is a complete set including pram/buggy plus the carrycot plus the car seat. I.e. you pick your pram/buggy, and the main part where the baby sits will normally detatch for you to click the car seat in. This allows for when a small baby is sound asleep in the car to be put straight into the buggy frame without waking it up - ingenius! I have no clue what a carrycot is! A carrycot is basically the flat part of a pram where the baby lies down in. Normally when you buy a buggy (not a pram) an infant can't sleep in it because it's more upright than a pram, so you buy a carrycot that like the car seat, clicks into the buggy frame. Then when the babs gets a bit bigger, you detatch the carrycot and put back the buggy seat and hey presto you've a buggy to do you til 2/3 years of age. What accessories do you need? I probably didn't explain that very well, but hopefully it made SOME sense!! :o0 Just go into one of the shops, tell them you're a newbie and they'll be very helpful. I found Mamas & Papas and also Mothercare extremely helpful - one piece of advice though, don't buy your system too early, shop around and think about things like the weight of the system (can you lift it into your boot?), does it fit into your boot, do you want a 3-wheeler (better for off-road walks), do want a travel system or just a regular pram/buggy, is there a basket on the system for all your bits, how long can the buggy part be used for (some are obsolete when babs is 2 yrs, the one I got lasts until 3yrs), can the material on system be removed to be washed.... And the list goes on!
mama2E Posts: 670
leanbh1, Just wanted to say go for a nosey in some local pram shops. You'll quickly learn what everything is. It can be such craic looking at all the prams - my OH compared it to buying a house!!! I found youtube really helpful for looking at demonstrations of how different prams go up and down. Good luck and Enjoy!!!!!