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fancypants Posts: 453
Sorry as I have a bit of spare time ( avoiding tidying the house!) I am doing all my posting! Ok, does anyone out there have the M&P Pramette - I do and love it so far - but time has come to move her around into buggy mode - getting a bit rammed in the pram and to be honest I think she would like to see the world now! Anyway the harness on the buggy is puzzling me - It doesn't seem to attach teh teh back of teh buggy if you get me - I have looked on line and this seems to be the case with the pramette but a lot of mums were complaining about it - anyone have any feed back - does your baby fall forward a lot in it - M and P describe it a free floating harness!! Thanks
Moet for me Posts: 1841
My pramette has this little hook that the harness goes into behind dd's head, IMO it is a poor design feature.
fancypants Posts: 453
ok apparently that is the way they used do it but not in new pramettes - am guessing you have yours a year or too - saw on some website that they got rid of it as a lot of babies were pulling forward and tearing the fabric! ok will see how we get on - big days here in our house - solids, buggy - next she'll be planning her own wedding on WOL!!!