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letty Posts: 444
hi girls went to look at prams yesterday - oh my god look like something from space, really funky looking, but the price was the best 800-900 for a bugaboo.... or a quinny buzz any one suggest some idea's whats the best and reasons why.... do you need to pay this money or is it just for the name??
charli Posts: 5994
Letty i bought a Mama and Papas (3yrs ago) for 700e. it was the car seat and large pushchair (not just stroller), though i loved and will keep it for any future babies i almost regret not getting one of those "car seats on wheels", do you know what i mean!? especially as i drove most places anyway and my baby was a winter baby i didn't really start walking until Spring, then in the Summer when she was 7/8 months i bought a MacLaren stroller for 129e only which she is still in at 2 1/2. the large pushchair was a bit of a nuisance, very large to foldd-down, took over the boot and if i had shopping i was jamming everything in, on the other hand it was very safe, heavy and durable but just love those seats on wheels!!!
clio99 Posts: 712
Have to agree with Charli I did the same on my first and this time around I bought the mamas and papas zico stroller from birth to 3 yrs €240, did buy a seperate car seat, I will be using the car lot so stroller type suits me better. here is the link
MrsHawaii05 Posts: 488
My DH said he would buy me the bugaboo coz i kept going on about it, drove out to tony kealys and when i got there and saw it i just couldnt justify spening €800 on it! Though i now spot one a mile away in a shoping centre and have a little wonder to myself :oops: Anyhow, back to topic: i bought the graco mirage travel system for €249, u get the car seat with this which can be taken off obviously for the car or attach it to the pram, baby facing you which is great for when theyre tiny.DSis now 3.5months and i bought the mc claren stroller at the weekend for €129, its light and easy to bring around and should do him for a while ( till mammy gets bored of it :D )
jellybaby Posts: 2316
My sister [i:198va9rw]insisted[/i:198va9rw] that we go look at these last week, and boy did I get a shock at the prices!! Although she didn't seem a bit fazed by it all. You can get some for crazy prices, but you can also get some that will do just as good a job for €200 - 300. The one that I really liked (I know it's still so early on :lol: ) was a Graco one - sounds very similar to the one MrsHawaii05 described. Shop around and get the best prices :wink:
MrsC2B Posts: 500
Had said I wouldn't but went ahead and got ourselves a bugaboo over the weekend. Shopped around but couldn't see anything else we liked as much, we also looking at a M&P travel system which was nice but that was also up around €800 when everythign was added in (carrycot, car seat, etc). I love our new pram, very funky and can't wait to hit the roads with it . . .
letty Posts: 444
thanks girls for the advice, i took a trip up to tony kealys and they were a great help, i came out with brochures and a free dvd, i really like the quinny, but i do think 800euro a bit extreme, especially coz people keep saying you wont walk the baby coz im due in end of october, it will be too cold, i do walk a bit so i hope i will take the baby out and as im getting married 6months after - i will be shaking my butt up and down the road with pram,,, euro baby having a sale on this weekend might pop across to have a look, is it too early to buy things, as im only 14 1/2 weeks, 20061023/dt/6/k/973c/preg.png[/image] [/link]
letty Posts: 444
hi girls well i got my travel system, went to eurobaby on sat, and they had a special on the Quinny speedi, got frame - with car seat, carrycot, and buggy part with rain cover & footmuff, changing bag all for 520euro only catch was you had to buy it in mauve (which is lovely) just to let you know if anyone else is looking for a Quinny!!!