Prams/Pushchairs/Travel Systems/Buggies...I DON'T UNDERSTAND

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blondiee Posts: 771
Girls, please help, what is the difference, what do I need to buy? I do want something that the baby can be in and will click into a base thingy in the car but I presume baby can't be in this all the time or can it???? Do you also need a pram part and does this turn into a buggy then??When did it all get so confusing? My Mam had 1 Pram for my younger bro and sis and that basically clipped on and off and that was it!! O:| O:| :-8
milis Posts: 7998
Baby shouldn't be in a car seat for more than 2 hours at a time. The best thing you can do is go into mothercare/smyths/whereever, ask them about the different options and try them out to see what would suit you and your needs the best.
Bright Flower Posts: 483
it is very confusing alright. If you go for a full travel system, then you would get - Base (the wheels) - Pram part (where they can lie flat when they are young as they are not supposed to be sitting up in a seat for more than 1.5 -2 hours). can also sleep/nap in this - Buggy/ Seat part (for when they are old and can sit up). Sometimes this can face forward or backward - Car seat (for travelling) The pram, seat and car seat can all clip into the same base. These tend to be expensive, but handy. Examples of these are Quinny Buzz, Bugaboo Cameleon etc. In some case the pram part and the buggy part can be the same thing - it just as a mechanism to lie flat or almost flat for the start. (eg Mothercare Mychoice) You can also just get separate things that don't all fit on the same wheels. or prams that can fit a carseat on top etc.
b2bdec08 Posts: 470
I was the exact same as you!!Hdn't a clue up until a few weeks ago. Went into m&ps and they were great. She explained all to me with no pressure to buy. Maybe go in&say what you want with your pram or buggy&then se what she suggests. That was in Blanchardstown by the way and I think the lady's name was joan.
Dill Posts: 1640
mothercare have an info evening thats great for shedding light on this, i hadnt a clue either. Plus you get a 10% discount card which i've been making good use of!! Have a look @ the website for details
Dino168 Posts: 35
Hi Girls I am in the middle of this at the moment as well. My sister who has 2 children; one of them still in a buggy and one on the way said: ''You're mad spending a fortune, after a year or so they get all messy, (she has 2 boys) and you will be changing them into a lighter stroller'' also '' you dont need a carrycot-how long are you going to be out for? A walk max one hour whan they are small and shopping the same'are you going to take them out of the car seat and wake them up to put them into the carrycot when you visit someone or go shopping'' She did this with her first and my mam said she was mad-she didnt do it with the second! She has a Chicco Duo travel system which she finds great- and remember you have to get a new car seat around 9 months! I was looking at the Graco Sport Travel System whichh does ghave the carrycot and muff and raincover and bag-I fouind it on ebay on one of the shops all in including delivery for £250! Hope this doesn't confuse the issue-and wud apppreciate any thoughts on the graco Sport! ... 286.c0.m14 RRP £350 online here for £250
babyluck Posts: 764
of all the things that you can advise people on I think this is the most personal everyone has different needs - likes - lifestyles and budgets so I would give yourself a break and do the reasearch over a few weekends (its worse than buying a car!!!) dont worry about all those marketing names just go to kealys, murphys or other places mentioned above and get to learn how the buggies etc are used and why they are different I personally went with a phil and teds as this is kinda sporty (see a personal choice already!) but also (hopefully) we will have another kid close enought to this one that both will need a buggy so rather than spend 1000 euro on a quinny (for example - there are deals) then have to buy another buggy for 2 kids we went with pihil and teds - works for one kid and also 2 kids so wont have to buy another buddy but someone above is correct most epoeple seem to buy the maclaren light buggies about a year on HTHT
SparklyB2B Posts: 1131
[quote="babyluck":1wtlc8xo]of all the things that you can advise people on I think this is the most personal everyone has different needs - likes - lifestyles and budgets so I would give yourself a break and do the reasearch over a few weekends (its worse than buying a car!!!) HTHT[/quote:1wtlc8xo] + 1 ... Head to a couple of shops just to get a feel for what is out there. On DD1 did not do enough research & ended up with a very sturdy travel system but very very heavy, didnt like the way that Buggy couldnt face me so this time round think we are going for the Mamas & Papas Joolz, really want a pram this time round aswell & the Joolz seems to tick all the boxes - Pram Part, Buggy is front & rear facing & it is super light & folds up very small.... Found the Mamas & Papas staff very good re advice.. Oh & there is a site that seems to be very popular, lots of diff travel systems, prams etc at really good prices..