Prayer of faithful for children to read ... Ideas ?

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hi all , we are having 3 children do prayers of faithful , our ds who will be 6 and two 10yr olds... We would like them to be worded in more child friendly language as all the ones im finding are quite adult... Thinking for ds something like .... God bless mammy and daddy and all my family... Lod hear us.. Other children due to been older can say more but still like them child friendly.. Any ideas ? We will also be having 2 adults so id prefare to leave them the one about family that have passed away as for the other one im not sure... Any help would be great, thanks in advance :thnk
Ohnoshedidnt Posts: 273
Hi, i saw this post and thought it was a lovely idea. Im quite close to my 7 yr old niece and would love to have her read. So i had a quick google search of prayers of the faithful but couldnt find any child friendly ones. Maybe ask your priest if he has any suggestions. Let me know if you have any luck
ciaraella Posts: 5323
What about something like a prayer for all families? For all the families around the world, help them to love and care for each other Lord Hear Us
Happily Ever After Posts: 547
Hi, We wrote our own with some input from the kids in question so it was their ideas and relative to them it made it easier for them to read/remember on the day. I typed them all up in a large font and gave them reading cards backed onto our coloured paper to match the mass booklets. Hope this helps.
Olivok Posts: 192
We are gonna have all our prayers of the faithful read by nieces and nephews (we want to include them all in some way) and they range in age from 10-7 - I think once you keep it simple and only a line or two and practice with them it should be fine.