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dec-girl Posts: 174
Hi Girls, finding it hard to find some nice personal Prayers of the faithful...would anyone like to share theres please. Thanks a mill :wv
kookiegal Posts: 1150
In my church b&g's generally write their own. I would imagine you would have one praying for deceased members of family, one praying for b&g and their families, one praying for families everywhere/married couples everywhere and one praying that God;s love shines on your guests and may they all have a safe night and a safe journey home perhaps?
mrsgameover Posts: 383
First prayer of the faithful should always be for the Pope, local bishop and all priests. Then there is a prayer for the married couple and married couples everywhere. A prayer for family and friends and everyone who has helped you reach this happy day. A prayer for the world and all its peoples. The last one would always be a prayer for deceased family members. It can be nice to use the thread of love through them all so for example in the prayer for deceased family members you can finish it with "that we may one day be reunited at the banquet of your love" or something along those lines.