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dunni Posts: 59
HB & I just found out that we're goin to have a baby so much so that it hasn't sunk in yet. Just wondering have all other mums signed on with a doc from the beginging cause i've only been using the well womens clinic for the last few years which works perfectly with my work schedule. All advice welcome.
tipperarygal Posts: 482
Hi Dunni. I'm new to this too but I have always had the same doctor since I was a bambino myself. I have made an appointment for Thursday week as she is away on holidays until then. I just want her to officially confirm it and to send my referral to the hospital. However, I'm sure the doctor you see in the well-woman clinic can to that also. I would check that the clinic will provide care for you throughout the pregnancy as I know one that only does it up to 5 months. Hope this helps and congratulations.