Pre Bonded Extensions and hair half up?Help

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wifey4lifey Posts: 306
Hi girls so Im going to get pre bonded hair extensions for the big day, my own hair is long but thin and is real fly away when down, was hoping to get it half up and half down, and maybe big victoria secrets model curls, and veil in top half. So my question is, will you see the bonds? is this a bad idea. really dont want to put my hair up as i dont ever wear it up going out so i certainly dont want to wear it up for my big day. Also has anyone had these in, any advice. for or against? Also does anyone know when I should get them in? Forty questions i know :o0 :o0
craigsmrs Posts: 341
If its like this, you wont notice at all! [img:a6xshzg7][/img:a6xshzg7] Most hair dressers will be able to cover them as only one row would be visible when youre hairs pulled back tight and they can be hidden as well.. Just make sure you tell your extension technician what style youre going for so they dont put the bonds too close to your hairline. If they are too close you wont be able to hide them. Sorry Im not very good at explaining.. Ive never had pre bonded, but Ive had every other type, my favourite by far are extend magic at hairspray, the bonds are tiny & they dont shed but theyre also the most expensive. Ive had the glue ones that are strand by strand which would be the same as prebonded in size of bonds etc and had no problem hiding them, just make sure the colour is a perfect match! Ohhhh I love extensions, cant wait to get mine in for the big day! Good luck wifey4lifey x
the farmer wants a wife Posts: 334
Hi wifey4lifey a great friend of mine had these in her hair constantly for over a year- she found it quite difficult to tie hair up especially as you can see bonds- more so when the hair has grown a bit!! so i would imagine it would be the same half up half down!!unless the bit that is going up is quite loose.. i will be wearing mine the same way as yourself and i personally am going to opt for the clip in extensions from hairspray HTH
tinkerbell13 Posts: 167
I've had every type of extensions out there and ur best bet will be the micro beads there great. Between ur hairdresser and extension stylist they will be able to hide them. :compress