Pre-eclampsia 3rd pregnancy

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70schick Posts: 201
Hi, I didn't experience per-eclampsia in my first pregnancy but did in my second. Just wondering if anyone had it on one pregnancy and not on any subsequent ones? Am hearing contradicting reports! Some say if it strikes once it will again. Am not pregnant at the moment but it did cause problems. I would be interested to hear from others. Thanks!
DollyMomma Posts: 1231
Hi there, I had it on my first pregnancy and am currently 36 weeks into my second pregnancy and so far there's no signs of me getting it again. No protein in the urine at all and my blood pressure is in normal levels. Last time I had protein in the urine from 33 weeks and was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia at 35 weeks...was induced at 38 weeks because of it. Both my GP and hospital consultant told me that you are no more likely or no less likely to get it a second time. Hope this helps!
70schick Posts: 201
Hi DollyMomma, thanks for your reply. Its brilliant you don't have it this time! It's a bit of a dose isn't it. I was induced too because of it & it wasn't a pleasant experience. If we did go again I would hope to dodge it. Very promising to hear having it once doesn't automatically mean it happens on subsequent pregnancies. Best of luck with your last few weeks of your pregnancy and for your new arrival!