Pre eclampsia

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scrunch Posts: 450
Hi Girls, Am looking for some advice/reassurance ! Am in hospital for the last week with pre eclampsia. Am on blood pressure meds and have had the steroid shots. I am 32 weeks tonight.... My consultant told me today we would take it day by day as it is difficult to stabilise my BP but he reckons I could get to 35 weeks and he will deliver me then. Does anyone have any first hand experience of p/e or delivering at 35 weeks ? Am nervous about delivering a premature baby... Thanks :thnk
happymonkey Posts: 555
Hey Scrunch, Sorry I don't have any experience but just wanted to say, thinking of you and the waiting game you have, poor thing. I'm sure there'll be lots of reassuring, first-hand stories from mums here. 37 weeks is considered full-term so 35 wks is not far off that. I know a woman who delivered a perfect baby at 28wks after her waters broke at 21wks - he's 18years old now - she said he's the healthiest of all her children. Good luck.
starzzzz Posts: 1123
my sister had pre eclapmsa on both babies first one she had to deliver at around 32 weeks. they knew she would have to be delivered early so they were able to give the injections to try and mature lungs quicker etc. my niece was in hospital about 4 weeks or so after wards but nothing wrong with here she was just so small. shes now 3 this week and flying around even tall for her age. 2nd time had pre-eclampsia and haemorrhaged at 26 weeks, she wound up on life support and baby unfortunately didnt survive, this is cause she was at home when it escalated and ambulance wouldnt take her straight to maternity made her go to a&e first otherwise could have been different. as your in the hospital you should be ok just try and stay as relaxed and do what the doctor says they will try and keep baby in until your life is in danger so dont worry about them rushing to get the baby out. hth and doesnt scare you.
Toots12 Posts: 894
hi Scrunch, Don't worry, you're in the best possible place... and you're on BP meds and have had the steroid shots for baby's lungs, so if he/she is born early, they'll have a great chance of being absolutely fine. I had p/e and was admitted at 32 weeks, and DD was born by emergency section at 33 weeks. She also had IUGR though, so was very small for her gestational age (2.5lbs) and had to stay in SCBU for 6 weeks. But if your baby is a decent weight, they often let them home once they're over 4lbs and doing well. And I have to say that the neo-natal care we received in Holles st was second to none, really made things so much easier for us. So fingers crossed all will be well for you!! The worst thing for you at the moment is the boredom of staying long-term in hospital when you don't feel sick! Let us know how you get on - will be thinking of you!
carlie2012 Posts: 127
Hi Scrunch I cant comment on the pre eclampsia but i did have my DS at 32weeks. No one can pin point why but i had been in hospital with a low lying placenta at 28weeks for a few days, while in there i got the steriods injection for the baby lungs. So when i did have DS he was able to breath on his own - he weighed 4pounds 10 oz,( was asked a few times did i have the right dates as he was big for his gestation, my dates were spot on) was in scbu as he had fairly bad jaundice and as i was feeding himself we had to get the feeding up and going as their sucking reflexs seemily dont kick in till 35weeks (could be corrected on that). He was in SCBU for exactly 3weeks and thank god we havent had any health issues so far, he is a late developer but gets there eventually. I do have to say in relation to SCBU the babies are put into a routine and if you can kept it up when you come home it can be a god send. My friend had a baby at 35 weeks by section, she was there for 5days but apart from Jaundice she brought him with her, dont think he spent more than a night in scbu and was out on the ward with her. Wishing you best of luck and the longer the babs stays inside the better, everyday makes them that little bit stronger :wv
nini83 Posts: 1917
Hi there I had pre-eclampsia on my DD ( severe ) and was admitted at 36 weeks she was delivered at 37 weeks by emergency section she was 6 pounds and perfect :lvs like you I was on the meds and had the injections if I had of been admitted sooner I might not have been as sick afterwards , my bp got higher and higher post partum and they just couldn't control it i ended up on meds for months but am all clear now and much better and the main thing was/is my DD was perfect. you are in the best place possible and you are at a good gestation just be prepared for delivery at any time like you they were trying to get me over another week and one night at 9 o' cloock they decided it was too dangerous and half an hour later bubs was out! the hospital staff are amazing and you and your baby are going to be just fine ...I hope you are ok and get another couple of weeks before you have to deliver if you want anything pm me :lvs sorry if spelling etc is horriffic i need :zzzz: !
scrunch Posts: 450
Girls thanks so much for your replies. It means a lot. Still here hanging on !! At my last scan last Friday they measured the baby at 4.5lbs which seemed great, I have been measuring 1w2d ahead since Feb so that could stand to me now hopefully. My consultant in creased my BP meds on Monday night and it seems to have stabilised now but as you said NIni it could change at any time. Am hoping when I see my doc later he might give me some time off this weekend for 'good behaviour' !!!! it does get a bit boting !! And I really want to be doing all the things I had planned like getting the baby's room ready etc ... but c''est la vie !! Again tghanks, appreciate all the advice. :thnk
nini83 Posts: 1917
Just try to take it easy as much as possible tho I know it can get boring :zzzz: will be thinking of you ... keep us posted x
scrunch Posts: 450
Hi Girls !! Well am 35 weeks today ! The last few days have been a rollercoaster ! Last Fri my consultant was looking at all my stats and said u know what u seem really well so lets do a 24 hr urine collection over the weekend and if it comes back clear u could maybe go home for a few days!! Well I was like a child !! So anyway Monday came along and my protein level results came back triple what they were when I was admitted :weep so no going home. Cons told me he would deliver me in between week 36-37. So this evening am ready to head out for bite to eat with OH (am allowed hours out) and then midwife checked my bp ...156/99 :weep :weep going NOWHERE. So was given meds and my consultant came up to see me and said this was what he'd been waiting for and that we will now take it day by day ... my meds will be increased to 4 times daily and if it spikes again I'll have to go to High Dependancy Unit and then I'll have an emergency c section ... either way now I reckon it will be section. Was delighted last week when he told me I'd be induced for a normal delivery but thats very unlikely now .... I really hope I can hang on for another week at least....
happymonkey Posts: 555
Scrunch you're an absolute trooper and a hero. You've done so great getting this far and once you've that beautiful baby in your arms, I'm sure the tough journey to get there will fade into the background. Good luck, let us know how you're getting on.