Pre Marriage Course Newry??

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Char27 Posts: 376
Hi ladies, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a pre marriage course in Newry/Dundalk area. Our priest wants us to have it done by November so we kinda need to book soon. Thanks in advance :-)
OrTees Posts: 907
Hiya, We are doing one in Newry on the weekend of October 1/2 - I will send you a PM.
CarolinaMoon Posts: 2431
We have ours booked through Accord for Newry: The next available date is November though so maybe look at other areas?
OrTees Posts: 907
Hi, I tried to send you a PM but it has been stuck in my outbox for past couple of days. We have booked our pre marriage course here on the weekend of October 1 & 2: [url:1dc0jptt][/url:1dc0jptt]. It takes place in Dromantine. I would just say to check with your priest if it is ok with him - as far as I know, it is an approved pre marriage course in NI but I'm not 100% sure about in the South. However, we asked our priest (Dublin) and he said it was ok with him. Also, it is only costing £125 for the two of us - not the €200 that is on the website. Hope this helps
Char27 Posts: 376
Thanks a million ladies, thats a great help :)
sweetbubbles Posts: 377
Just curious, di d he say why he wanted it done by November when your not getting married till next August?????