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limerickbride2010 Posts: 10
Hi Girls, Getting married next may and i need to go about booking a pre marriage course. how do i do this? any particular ones that ye would recommend? Thanks :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Milla Posts: 27
Accord seems to be the best to go with for Pre Marriage Course but you have to do it between 6 to 3 months before the wedding. It is done over a day and a half. I am going to book mine for October and get it done and over with...
shygirl Posts: 41
Hi I got married last Dec and I used the avalon course which was on in the greenhills hotel. just google Avalon and you can find out when they are in limerick next I think they come to Limerick every three months .It is a one day course on a sat and was very easy going it lasted from 10 till 4:30 from what I can remember.If you need to ask anything else just pm me
fluffiesmam Posts: 1470
my dp nearly had a heart attack when he heard he'd have to do this, i was keeping it under my hat but i knew i'd have to break it to him, as we have to meet the priest in Sept, he nearly collapsed when i said we'd have to pay for it aswell :eek lol!! hes not one for paying for something he doesn't want!!! anyone know how much i can expect it to set us back?
Starbar2010 Posts: 1261
We are going to do the Avalon Course and it 149 euro pp I think and if you cn find a nice WOLLIE who will give you a voucher its 10 euro off
ally_gater Posts: 21
[quote="Starbar2010":34a5ceei]We are going to do the Avalon Course and it [b:34a5ceei]149 euro pp [/b:34a5ceei]I think and if you cn find a nice WOLLIE who will give you a voucher its 10 euro off[/quote:34a5ceei] Starbar2010 are you sure it's pp? On their website it says 140 per couple? I hope it's per couple!! O:o)
Starbar2010 Posts: 1261
oppss sorry i meant to write per couple. sleepy head on me. i think thats i sign I should be in bed!
marquise Posts: 595
Check with your priest first - our priest wanted us to do it with Accord rather than Avalon.
GoldStar Posts: 775
we did it with accord, and paid 150 for the pleasure!! But my brother and SIL did theirs privately with a priest and just had to leave a donation for the church. I enjoyed it though, was a bit of craic, not at all what I expected and was nice to talk to other people who didn't mind listening to wedding chat all day :o0
joker Posts: 2789
We are doing a saturday course with accord which is most convenient! Some the the accord courses are 3 evenings over 3 weeks which just does not suit!!! Do it as early as possible to get it out of the way! We are doing ours next month n getting married 12 mths after that!!!