Pre-Natal Depression?

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maryalice Posts: 242
Hiya I would like to know if anyone has suffered with pre-Natal Depression? Is there such a thing? Thanks *)
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Hi Maryalice, I haven't suffered from this but wanted to say that there is indeed something called antenatal/prenatal depression. in fact it seems to be more common that we thing with up to 15% of pregnant women suffering from it. If you think you are or know someone who you suspect is suffering please ask them to speak to someone, a friend, a midwife or doctor. take care :wv
wed2008 Posts: 258
maryalice there is indeed such a thing actually at my last appointment the midwife drew our attention to it as she said it is more common than people think and if you are feeling depressed or your partner has any concerns your midwife, gp or consultant should be the first port of call.
maryalice Posts: 242
Thanks for the advice girls. :lvs
theoracle Posts: 7664
Yes, definitely there is, I have had this during my last pregnancy. I have not had any treatment and it eventually went away, but I went through some hard times. Pm me if you like to ask any questions.