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soulful Posts: 1697
Hi girls do you know if the priest contacts us for the pre nup or do we contact him? And when does this normally happen? We are getting married september coming and have the appointment with the resister in june?
Isn't a pre nup the legal agreement about how assets will be divided if you split? Do you mean a pre marriage course? If so Im not sure but I thought you had to arrange that yourself? Others closer to the big day will know.
MrsOC09 Posts: 1175
my H2B filled out his Prenup equiry form with his own priest as we are getting married in my parish. He just range and made an appointment himself with the priest :wv
CestMoi Posts: 2162
Pre-nuptial enquiry form - you should ring the priest closer to the time and ask him to complete it with you. You have to have your baptismal & confirmation certs, as well as letters of freedom from the parish if either of you are marrying outside your parish. You can get all these from your parish parochial house / office. We did ours with 3 months to go, but the priest insisted we were "in plenty of time" for this, meaning we were a bit early. H2B's PP had to fill in his for him, and I just handed it to my PP this weekend. July or August would be time enough for you, but I'd do it in July in case there is other paper work you need, to give yourselves time.
gillette Posts: 1803
Hey asha, we did ours literally once we were inside the three months to go point. As we'd to get one baptismal cert and one confirmation cert from two different parishes to our home parish, we wanted to give ourselves lots of time. Priest didnt mind that we were early and given that they sometimes have to cancel appointments if they've a removal on, it seemed easier to tick another thing off the list and do it now. O-O oh yeah, meant to say, you should def. contact him - he won't contact you!!
soulful Posts: 1697
Thanks so much girls I understand now xxx O:o)