Pre-nuptial enquiry when the priest is related

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Sally76 Posts: 525
Hi there, Himself's cousin is a priest and is marrying us - but he's from the other end of the country and the ceremony is in my parish. What I was wondering was, who carries out the pre-nuptial inquiry in this case? Is is a priest from my parish, where we're getting married? Or is it the priest who's marrying us? Also, with regard to getting letters of freedom, does Himself need to get all of these when it's his relation who's marrying us and knows he hasn't been married before? And if he still needs to get them, does he give them to my parish or to his cousin the priest? Sorry for all the questions - I really, really hate all this paperwork!
dublinredhead Posts: 917
Hiya, my uncle is marrying us and based on my sisters wedding last year (which he also did) you'll have to get the priest in your parish where you live to do the pre nup enquiry and I think its the parish where the wedding is taking place that gets the certs ect. Unfortunately as far as I know it still does need to be done even if the priest marrying you knows you weren't married before - I think its something to do with the church you're getting married in. Such a pain in the behind I know! HTH.
Sally76 Posts: 525
Aw no, I thought I might get away with some of the paperwork! Thanks a million for the info anyhow, Dublinredhead.