Pre term survival rates

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bellababy Posts: 72
Just wmondering what the rates are for survival of preterm babies. Anyone hot a link to something that shows what survival chances are at each week?
bellababy Posts: 72
I'm just going to bump this lots of people looked at this so I'd say they are interested!!
Rose31 Posts: 24
Defo a lot of views alright. I cant help you with any information . But would love to know the survival rate from 33 week s on wards. May be if you give a specific week people might come back to you with their own experiences. Fingers crossed for you !
Jacqueline Hyde Posts: 1145 This is what i got when i googled it. HTH
Mommy2Two Posts: 704
I'd a 29weeker. Is it a general question or are you in danger of having a prem? The reason I ask is that survival rates vary depending on why the baby is pre term, if they had pre delivery intervention like steroid injections, where they're born - different NICUs have different survival rates, whether it's a boy or girl etc
Snuddlums Posts: 1644
All depends on circumstances.I had a 35 weeker and they expected him to be out of special care at 36 weeks and he didnt come out till 37 weeks. Jaundice really affected him but he flying now. Hospital told me once they over 500g or 24 weeks they have as good as a chance as any baby.
gemggem Posts: 270
Interesting web site, gives you something to think about, I'm just 21 wks suppose its from here on in that every week matters!!
Mommy2Two Posts: 704
I'm expecting a pre term baby this time too ( though crossing everything it won't happen). It's not as easy as saying gestation or weight will determine the outcome. Harsh as it may sound, being born alive is nowhere near half the battle. My DD was a great weight for 29+6, especially as she was IUGR (in uterine growth restricted). She was 1.07kg / 2lbs 6oz. Because I had steroid injections to strengthen her lungs at 26+4 she did not have to be ventilated and avoided the worst of the lung damage that goes with that. She had a PDA which resolved without surgery but developed NEC (necrotising entercolitis), a very serious infection. For her, this meant at 2 weeks Old we were told she had about a 26% mortality rate. She spent 6 wks in NICU, 2 in SCBU, is followed up with physio, occupational therapy, dietetics, neonatology, opthamology, GP and PHN. And she is so we'll, we've had a very straightforward journey by comparison to a lot of my friends. I know a 24 weeker who is thriving (relatively) and babies in the 30s who didn't make it. One of the hardest parts of pre term birth is that people assume they're fine once they get out of hospital but there's so much more they need compared to a full term baby. Check out for much more eloquent stories & information.
wollywoo Posts: 330
Had lunch with my friend yesterday who is a 25 weeker and she was just commenting on how she turned out just fine despite her early arrival....and she's also a great friend!! :wv