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cax Posts: 258
Is tonight...dreading it! O:| Has anyone any feedbac on them? Is it all group work? Theres a priest doing it with two ladies, do i have to lie through my teeth and pretend to be an angel in front of the priest.... :-8
footloose Posts: 16
I'm doing mine tmw morning. From talking to people they get you to fill out a questionnaire with questions like both your thoughts on children and then compare both your answers to see if ye're suited. One question I was told was : if one of your parents wanted to come live with ye on a permanent basis what would be your thoughts on it! We talked about that one last night and come up with our answer in case it's asked :o0
hopeful1973 Posts: 4385
Hcatherine, I did it in All Hallows and we had two women and then a priest came in for a quick talk, is that where you're doing it? If it is, don't worry it's grand, I wasn't looking forward to it at all either, but in the end we came away with a couple of useful bits of info as well as the cert!! Hx
cax Posts: 258
Mine's tonight for twmo and a half hours and all day tomorro! Oh God... Better get chatting to himself so we can come up with answers :o0 Will just be saying what they want to hear! Wish it was Sunday :o0
NYE78BRIDE Posts: 60
We did ours last weekend and it was grand. We had 2 ladies from Galway and they were lovely very funny. The priest came in at the end and he was great as well. I am not that religious but it was nice to focus on the ceremony for a while instead of all the other parts of the day. We were dreading it as well but honestly you'll be fine and will meet lots of nice couples. Good Luck :wv