Pre-wedding Dental Work

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splanc Posts: 4
Hi folks, to have that perfect smile for the big day, there is Dental Clinic worth checking out. It is in Dublin, you will save up to 50% or more on what it would normally cost. It is run by dentists from Budapest. It is worth checking out. Anyone like further information PM me.
Blue-eyes Posts: 46
I was checking out going abroad for my teeth but when I went for the consultation they wanted to do something like 8 crowns etc etc I did need 2 on the bottom and one of my front ones was discoloured and I went back to my own dentist with the list of treatments i had been prescribed he couldnt believe it he referred me to another specialist and he put in the 2 bottom crowns and whitened my teeth, ok it wasnt a hollywood smile but crowns veeners etc only have a certain life and im only 28, the list of treatment from abroad was working out at around 4,500 and I got the work that really needed to be done for 2,000 at home and at least if something goes wrong the dentist is at home now, I did think about it alot and went and asked the advice of 2 Irish dentists everyone to their own if I was older maybe I would have got all that work done but not yet
splanc Posts: 4
Hi, it really depends on who you use, no matter where you get work done, be it here, the North or abroad. With regards my experience and the clinic I mentioned, my wife to be thought she needed 20 veneeers, 10 top 10 bottom. They recommended that she only actually needed 4, which she got done.