predicting sex of baby

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babe06 Posts: 898
Can anyone remember the website someone mentioned here before that had like a multiple choice questionnaire on it to guess the sex of the baby. Qs like - hair growing quicker or slower or cravings, things like that. Was convinced mines a boy but last night had this extremelty vivid dream about a little girl. I brought the baby into school with me - she was in a little vest and babygrow and I can still remember how she felt when i picked her up. Actually these was something in the dream where I was told to take her out of my belly and feed her and then put her back in - but I didn't want to put her back in again so brough her very where with me!!
Sphynx Posts: 6795
I can't remember that exact site but here's a site devoted entirely to all things related to gender prediction: I'm getting the feeling this is a boy this time and the Chinese calendar agrees with me! It got it right last time too (and so did I!). Strange...