"Predictor" Pg Tests. Please help.

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Excited 2nd Timer Posts: 2
Hi. I have been a great fan of this site since I had my ds 2 yrs ago. I got hooked on my maternity leave and think for all the problems that women come up with someone usually has a pretty sensible answer. I hope you can help me put my mind at ease. I got a bfp last thursday. Day 29 of my cycle. Cycle varies between 28 and 30 days so tested either 1 day late or 1 day early. used the digital one and was delighted to see "pregnant". On saturday I then did the clearblue one that shows either + or - and i got a clear +. When I was in the chemist yesterday I decided to get a few more to keep checking before I have my first hosp apt. I got 2 2 packs of Predictor. these are the ones that have 3 circles on the front and the part you pee on is a long pink thing that you put back into the holder to read. Problem is I got a negative yesterday on it. It definitely worked and then I did a clearblue a couple of hours later (in tears) and got a very clear + again. Sorry for the long post but I'm just wondering has anybody had a similar experience. I have no doubt that there is obviously the pregnancy hormone in my body but is it bad that these tests can't pick it up. I will be 5 weeks tomorrow?
Baby bop Posts: 662
Excited 2nd Timer clearblue and First response are the best pregnancy tests, im not to sure about the Predictor i've never used it but it does sound positive to me.
Excited 2nd Timer Posts: 2
Thanks for replying Baby Bop - I appreciate it. I've no doubt I'm pregnant just little bit concerned that the cheaper tests don't seem to be picking it up at this stage. No point in worrying any more about it. Just if anybody has had a similar experience I'd love to hear about it. Thanking you in advance.