Pregnacare supplement

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Half Empty Posts: 10
Anyone taking this supplement any recommendations for others this one contains all folic acid, iron and vitamins required in first 13 weeks did anyone else find this good? Would like to know what you are taking in you first 12 weeks if anything as yu know this is the most crucial stage of development and want to be taking the best thanks.
sharonstep Posts: 57
hi all i took was folic acid until 13 weeks then changed onto an iron supplement but only take it every second day at the moment and this seems to be working for me. i'm not sure about the pregnacare before 13 weeks you should check with the pharmacist but the only thing my gp asked about was the folic acid at the begining.
CarSep05 Posts: 23
Hi there I was taking Pregnacare when we were ttc. When I discovered we were pregnant (i'm 6wks 6days now) I went to the Chemist and asked them was it sufficient to take while pregnant and she said it was fine as the re was the same amount of Folic Acid in all of them. However when I went to see my doctor he told me to stop taking them and switch to Clonfolic as he doesn't think all the extra vitamins & minerals are safe. Hope it helps
originalwoowoo Posts: 867
I think every GP and Chemist has a different take on this, I just took folic acid until 12 weeks. Then before Christmas I was feeling a little down and started the Pregnacare after speaking to the doc, I did not need the iron yet so felt this would keep me ticking over.
bibikay Posts: 644
Personally, I wouldn't take anything except folic acid during pregnancy without consulting with my doc. Some women may need extra dietary supplements, but this is not to say that ALL women need them. Iron levels in some women can be low, so they may need iron supplements, but on the other hand, iron can exacerbate morning sickness and constipation, so why take it unless your doc has identifed low iron levels? There could be similar issues to consider with any or all of the other vitamins/minerals in pregnacare, but unless I consulted with my doc, I wouldn't be aware of them.
Half Empty Posts: 10
Thanks for all the advice, I think I will just stick with the clonfolic as that is what I have been using so far.