hi all wollies! [color=#408000:1mbljbcc] [b:1mbljbcc]Acupuncture and Reflexology during pregnancy: Announcing a special discount for WOL users of 10% off acupuncture and reflexology treatments booked before 31st December. [/b:1mbljbcc][/color:1mbljbcc] Just quote WOL when making your booking. Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment during pregnancy, and can help with many of those little niggles that present during pregnancy, like heartburn, nausea and fatigue. It is also great for helping to turn breech babies and is frequently used to induce labour once due date has passed. Reflexology is used by many women during pregnancy and is a wonderfully relaxing treatment, which can also give a much-needed energy boost! Call the clinic or visit our website for more details.