Pregnancy after Lletz / incompetent cervix

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hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
I had Lletz about 6 months ago, and fell pregnant sooner than the doctor recommended. I met with my consultant for the first time last week, had spoken to the midwife about the treatment and she put it in my notes which he looked at, but he never commented on it and I forgot completely to bring it up once I had my scan. Then this week I went back to the hospital for a check up after the Lletz and the nurse just said that the doctor was happy for me just to have a smear and that any risk of an incompetent cervix should be dealt with my by consultant. He never even came in to check on the healing and give his opinion, which is what I expected to happen today. My next consultant appointment isn't for another two months, and I am worried that if something develops in the meantime (an incompetent cervix) that it will be too late at that stage to do anything. Has anyone any experience of either of these? Pregnancy after lletz, or an incompetent cervix? Thanks
sunsparks Posts: 2196
I had LLETZ, although years ago, and like you was worried about the risk of developing an incompetent cervix. I had bleeding from around wks 12-16, which they put down to a polyp and also a low-lying placenta. I mentioned my previous LLETZ to both the registrar and the consultant but neither seemed to think it was an issue. TBH, I think your risk of incompetent cervix comes into play more after 2+ LLETZ treatments (imagine the stress of that), but it is obviously a risk for us post-LLETZ girls at all stages. If you are worried, just ask straight out. They can use a small stitch to hold your cervix together if it's a risk, but I'm assuming they'd say if they wanted to do this. All I can say is don't worry - stressing isn't going to help. There's so much to worry about in pg, that you don't need to add to the list! As for the healing time, well if they were worried, they'd have checked it properly. I think they sometimes overestimate healing times, etc just to be on the v v safe side, but these things happen! Take care!
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
Thanks Sunsparks! My own GP didn't seem worried when I first found out I was pregnant, saying it would be months before there was any real pressure on the cervix and not to worry, but it's just the nurse today put the heeby jeebies on me! :-8 Plus I always have good healing so hoping that stands to me. If the doctor today was any way good though, he should have come in and just had a quick look instead of passing the buck onto someone else. >:o(
theoracle Posts: 7664
Hi there. Just wanted to let you know, allthough there is a risk, it is not very common for an incompetent cervix to develop. My friend had two letz treatments and significant amount of tissue removed and went on to have 2 completely uncomplicated pregnancies.
fifi28 Posts: 481
hi hopingforsoon i dont know if this helps but i had a letz about 10 months before getting pregnant, i was told to have 2 clear smears before ttc but got bfp soon after had the first smear which tg was clear. doc didnt seem worried either but i had some bleeding after sxx a few weeks ago and had to go to a different hospital (all was ok) which they put down to the my having had the letz. i had my first consultants visit yesterday and when he read my notes he decided to do an internal (soo not as bad as colposcopy) he seemed a bit worried about my cervix being too short after letz or something like that. hes booked me in for an anatomy scan in 3 weeks which should show if anything needs to be done and then im back another 7 weeks later for next visit when ill be 28 weeks so i wouldnt worry as you will be less than this when you go back and from what i gather if they need to do anything like a stich its done alot later on. i have low rubella and varinella immunity aswell so i think this was another reason for him ordering the anatomy scan.
Long Legs Lizzy Posts: 233
hiya hopefor soon, I also had 2 LLETZ treatments before i got preg and waited for a clear smear before ttcing which like you was 10 months later. I asked my consultant about it and they booked me in for a scan where they measrued my cervix and see if it needed a stitch so maybe you could ask for this. luckily i was grand but i did have a bleed a t 32 weeks which they reckon was old scaring from the little girl was born 3 weeks early and is perfect so try not to be worrrying but do ask and push for things if u have any worries or doubts at all lizzy
Emomc Posts: 2069
This is my story, I had Lletz treatment 3 years before pregnancy due to a CIN3 smear. I didnt think any more about it or relate it to any pregnancy issue until I visited my consultant for my first appt at 9 weeks. He brought me back in at 12 weeks for a scan to check the neck of the womb. Now before the scan he said it was probably only precautionary as I did not appear to have "severe" Lletz treament but as this burns away the cells at the neck of the womb (and they dont grow back) he wanted to double check. When I went in at 12 weeks they could not even find the neck of my womb on the normal or internal scan. He then did an internal and confirmed the neck of my womb was indeed too short/I had an incompetent cervix. Now he also said that this can be due to heriditary factor, i.e. the neck of my womb was probably short to begin with. I was then booked in at 14 weeks last November and had the stitch inserted, and thankfully all has been well since. I am so glad he picked it up, I cant tell you. Hopingforsoon, I see you are now at 18 weeks and I assume when you have made it this far all is well. He did explain to me that its the minority of women who have had Lletz that need the stitch to secure the womb, and it seems I was one of these. Do discuss with your consultant and PM me if you need any further information