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stickytoffee Posts: 713
Hiya just got an iphone and am trying to find a good pregnancy app to download. tried the what-to-expect one but not sure about it. the "day update" yesterday was to remind me about calcium which obviously is important but would have liked something about LO's development. does anyone have any that they would recommend? i did a search on here, couldnt find a question like this in pregnancy section. cheers
blueboots Posts: 833
I used the what to expect one. I agree the daily updates arent great but i loved the weekly one. If i remember correctly it gives an update on the baby and another one on you. I was always excited to see " your baby is now the size of an orange,watermelon etc" :o0 sorry, i dont know any other apps.
Twirl Posts: 5598
I have 3 cause i am mental but here goes. I have What to Expect My Pregnancy ( baby centre ) this is great with weekly updates of baby, little videos too and daily little reminders etc and EUmom They are all free too :wv
cmkd Posts: 24
Yes I use baby centre and eumom, I find both very good. Someone told me mummypages is good on line but not sure if there is an app for it.
Altar Igo Posts: 119
Ive got WTE app and BabyBump. The daily updates are rubbish but the weekly ones are good and I liek the pictures on babybump. You can upgrade the babybump one and it comes with a kick counter adn then a contractions log for when you go into labour.
Waiting24 Posts: 355
I use the baby centre one. it has daily advice and lots of videos might try the eumom one too...
stickytoffee Posts: 713
great stuff. will check them out. thanks
Chica1 Posts: 793
That's useful info Ladies. I 'only' have the what to expect app and I get really excited when it comes to the weekly updates and what size the baby is every week in relation to a fruit!