Pregnancy book about twins

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ophelia Posts: 55
A friend of mine has just been told she's having twins. She obviously has the usual books on What to Expect & Week by Week etc but I was wondering if there is any book specifically for mums of twins. You know, with diagrams of what they might look like as they develop. I'd love to get it for her. Or is there any website like Eumom that shows a week by week image of twins developing?
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
googled and found this but can't help tbh
twinssep Posts: 1242
hi i have just had twins and there is not a lot out there but there is a website with fab pressies wis i had known about before also stocks prams and twin products hope this helps
bibikay Posts: 644
Here's a couple of links:
ophelia Posts: 55
Thanks a million guys, have been checking those out - she'll be very impressed with me. Maybe I'll encourage her to write that 'pregnant with twins' book herself!
luigi Posts: 867
[img:1ug0xjmk][/img:1ug0xjmk] [img:1ug0xjmk][/img:1ug0xjmk] also: Saw these on Amazon- might be worth searching out. Your friend is lucky to have a mate like you helping her out.