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coconut Posts: 2183
Can anyone recommend me a good pregnancy book this is my first pregnancy and i wanna get a book to read up on everything!
Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
I bought a brill one yesterday, The Irish Pregnancy Book, by Dr Peter Boylan, a doctor in Holles Street hospital. Its real matter of fact of what you can and cant do.
TracyD Posts: 750
Another Irish book is The Better Birth Book by Tracy Donegan (me !) It takes you though all of your options including epidurals, waterbirth alternative therapies and all based on the latest international recommendations to help you have the best birth possible :-) Tracy
Poppy123 Posts: 27
I have what to expect when you are expecting and I find it great, very straightforward and to the point. I also intend to buy the Irish Pregnancy Book as the only problem with What to Expect is it is quite American centric.
mrs mammy Posts: 1487
I have the what to expect book too, have found it great so far, answers any questions I have.
ellee Posts: 666
I hated Waht to Expect - completely abandoned it when I read the advice on oral s*x! I really liked Dr Boylan's book and also Pregnancy for Dummies. Both vg. :wv