Pregnancy & Chicken Pox

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LaineyD Posts: 19
Hi, I'm a regular browser but first time poster, just feel like a complete wreck! Just found out that I came into contact with a child who currently has chicken pox in my workplace earlier in the week. I had chicken pox when I was younger but I'm 29 weeks pregnant and freaking out! Is there anything I can do other than wait the 3 week incubation period? Any help is appreciated! x
Smurfette Posts: 522
I came in contact with a child who had chicken pox a couple of weeks ago and so I asked my doc about it. He said that if you had it when you were younger, it is highly unlikely that you will get it again. And even if you do, chicken pox in pregnancy is not serious at all. Its not like getting measles, which is more serious. I had them before and didn't get infected. You should be fine :thnk
Allure Posts: 220
Smurfette is right- My blood test (in the Hospital) showed up that I'm likely to get it if I come into contact with it. So after worring about it - I went to the gp and she explained the following (much to my relief) Once you had it when you where younger your fine. But even if you hadn't had it before it's not dangerous when your pg. It's only if you get around your due date cause if you have it when you give birth the the baby will have it. But as far as I can remember. They can give you sometime if the know you have it when your in labour
Diva30 Posts: 286
[color=#0000BF:3iq757yn]Don't worry as the other ladies have said if you got this as a child you won't get infected again![/color:3iq757yn]
theoracle Posts: 7664
Chicken pox can actually affect your baby quite seriously IF you are not immune and IF you contract it and highest risk is to be said is between week 13-20. The congenital varicella syndrome is a serious condition that affects the baby in utero but is said to be just about 1% in cases where mothers have had chicken pox and no immunity. It is also undesirable to have it when you are due to give birth as baby can be born with neonatal varicella which can cause complications. BTW in these cases they treat the baby, not the mother, with an ImG shot. I didn't know if I had them when I was little and then found out the kids in my dd's playgroup had them. Sure enough, dd contracted them too when I was 2 months pg. I had to have an immunity test and was told if I had no immunity I would have to go to hospital to get an ImG drip (to boost immunity). If you had them as a child, then in all likelihood you would be immune in which case you should be fine.
newone Posts: 1714
LaineyD Posts: 19
Hi, Thanks for all the replies... Ye have set my mind at ease! Thanks again! x