Pregnancy Exercise

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babyd2bnumber2 Posts: 351
Hi, I'm now 14 weeks pregnant and am looking forward to doing some exercise following 12 weeks spent as a couch potato! :zzzz: Any recommendations of what to take up would be appreciated! Thank you :) [url=] [img:3ef11af5];20718;121/st/20110825/dt/6/k/d7b3/preg.png[/img:3ef11af5] [/url]
Daisywall Posts: 577
walking and pelvic floor, BORING I know, but the best. Maybe swiming too, but dont head off jogging if you normally wouldnt!
peterpiper Posts: 30
just wondering should you abstain, ha what a word, from exercise for the first 12 weeks??? am only 6 weeks and worried something will go wrong, prob best to take it easy is it? brisk walking, swimming and pelivs exercises ive read are the best to do..
Daisywall Posts: 577
No I asked the doctor this and have read lots of books, they say you should still exercise: exercise is good! But don't overdo it. Never take on something like a marathon or a triathlon is the only thing the doc said, but everything else at a good-moderate level is good for you! Your fitness levels would dramatically drop if you did nothing for 12 weeks :eek
Daff Posts: 11644
just keep up what you currently do - if that's very little then introduce some low impact exercise like walking or swimming and build up your fitness levels slowly. It's so important to be in good physical fitness for labour. I walked 3miles 5 days a week on DD and it really stood to me. Now I did very little in first 12 weeks cause of bad MS and the same this time but I'm getting back into it now. I'd a 5 hour labour, was home within 19 hours and out shopping in dundrum within 48 hours - had lots of pink to buy! :o0 but seriously the amount of walking I did meant DD was fully engaged at 36 weeks and she arrived on EDD.
DollyMomma Posts: 1231
I'm doing pregnancy yoga at the moment and I have to say I find it amazing. There are three midwives in my class, and all have said you can tell a mile off by how well a woman is coping in labour if she's practiced yoga throughout her pregnancy. I'm doing it in Lucan, if you want the details feel free to PM me :wv
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
I second the pregnancy yoga, Im loving it . My midwife also advised swimming, both are great for your back
babyd2bnumber2 Posts: 351
Thanks for all the advice ladies, will up the walking and defo going to start pregnancy yoga! :)
Fiadh Posts: 83
Interested to know if anyone runs? I run three times a week between 35-30K, I'm only 8 weeks but hoping to keep running throughout my pregnancy. Anyone got any advice or tips? My only symptom at the moment when running is really sore boobs :-8
bluepolkadots Posts: 1237
+1 on the pregnancy yoga, it's fab!