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mummyinlove10 Posts: 908
has anyone got any nice pregnancy journals to document your pregnancy - would love to start one - :thnk
marriedLife Posts: 1881
I ordered this one off Amazon yesterday - with shipping it came to €17 - I had a good luck through alot of them online yesterday and alot of them seemed a bit soppy or had alot of text in them about pregnancy which i didn't want. I just wanted a basic one I could write in the staple things & pictures into so went for this one: Here is a good link to images of the inside of the book: I'll let you know what it's like when it arrives. But amazon has a big selection and alot of them have the text "Have a look inside" above the book image which allows you to look at the first chapter or so to get a feel for the book which is good
mummyinlove10 Posts: 908
thanks for that marriedlife - ya would love to know when you get it wht its like - looks like what i'm after anyways - anxious to get it asap as otherwise might forget little things along the way
feather Posts: 1831
Hey married life, did you get that pregnancy journal, Id like to know what you thought of it! I really want to get one myself!
Incogneeto Posts: 55
Hi Feather, I got this one at the weekend in Dubray books for €20 I wish now that I had gotten it earlier as it starts from wk 1 but I was afraid to tempt fate. Huge congrats on your BFP!!
marriedLife Posts: 1881
Hiya, Yes I got it and have been writing in it every week - I really like - it's simple without loads of text writing and there is a place to put photos to show your expanding bump and ultrasounds etc.. I would defo recommend it!
mrs gerard Posts: 1669
i have the same journal as incognito O:o)
mtv Posts: 935
hi i got one as a present from a girl at work. i would never have started one only for it. i fill it in weekly, it has places to insert pictures of your bump, scan pics. it asks you what you are nervous about, or enjoying about the pregnancy, it has like a section for your gp and ob details etc. handy in case of emergency if the chart cannot be found the section after the birth asks for your feelings on seeing your baby for the first time etc. my version does not appear to be on the current website.