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Asics Posts: 1935
Hi all im qualified in Holistic massage, anatomy & physiology, Indian Head Massage & pregnancy massage. I decided that I wanted to specialize in pregnancy massage as I suffered greatly with my back while pregnant & could find nowhere in my county or neighbouring counties to get a massage. So I went & completed a pregnancy massage course. [b:8twgsdwb]There are many benefits to having a massage while pregnant ill list a few: [/b:8twgsdwb] Stimulation of circulation-distribute essential nutrients & fluids to all the vital organs especially the placenta. Lymphatic drainage will be improved & help reduce swelling which can cause carpal & tarsal tunnel syndrome. Sluggish bowel movement is aided helping to avoid constipation & haemorrhoids. Releases muscular tension of the upper back, shoulders, lower back and hips, easing the discomfort of sciatica, prolasped discs and Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD). Releases compression on the nerves caused by muscle tension or odema (swelling). Helps to avoid varicose veins from developing. Massaging the intercostals and pectoral muscles will help the respiratory system and aid breathing during the pregnancy & birth. Induces deep relaxation and peaceful sleep (it is reported that women who sleep well during the last month of pregnancy have shorter labours :o)ll :o)ll ). Helps to reduce emotional stress, anxiety and creates a sense of well-being. Helps to lower or keep high blood pressure balanced. Massage encourages the release of oxytocin. This is a pain reducing hormone providing vital relief of pain during labour and birth. [i:8twgsdwb] Ok enough blabbing if anyone would like anymore info or contact details please pm me thanks for reading[/i:8twgsdwb]
HappyMum2010 Posts: 431
Hi I would be interested in looking into some pregnancy massage, could you please PM me some further details (location, price etc) Thanks! :wv
Asics Posts: 1935
Just pm'd you LaoisWollie :wv