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little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Girls I am a terribly organised person and I want to start planning for when I should be doing certain things so I'm organised when I go on maternity. (hope that makes sense). Now I don't want to start to soon, (a little nervous too), but don't want to leave things to late either so what is everyone's plan of action? I promised myself I would wait till afte 20 week scan (next Tuesday) before I start getting ready. 1: Start looking/buying crib, pram etc: (big purchases) 2: Start buying baby clothes 3: Get bag ready for hospital 4: Get nursery painted and ready Please help.
ginger nut Posts: 5989
i started looking for buggies/prams etc at about 25 weeks. we got given a moses basket so we'll look at cot beds after baby is born we ordered our buggy last week (at 32 weeks) - there can be a 6-8 week wait between order and delivery depending on what one you are order. I've bought some stuff for the baby for the first few weeks - baby gros, vests, mittens etc. will need to buy a few more blankets etc. i still have to get a travel cot for my mum's house and for when we travel up north. haven't got bag ready for hospital yet - going to ante-natal class tomorrow and hoping for a list of stuff we need to bring! starting to make plans for baby's room but he'll be in with us for a few months.
Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
I have a milestone in my head like you and its 20 weeks too am even holding off telling my job (with the help of BIG jumpers/sweatshirts!!!!!) till I reach that which is Monday week!!!!! However saying that I won’t be buying anything this side of 2007 (but that’s just me been a TOTAL nervous wreck!!!) I can’t believe how I haven’t even been tempted either as it’s TOTALLY not me for my Wedding I had everything booked nearly a year in advanced!!!!! Saying that I will go out and look at stuff so I have what I want in my head and then next year just go in and buy them…………were not touching our nursery (junk room at the minute) till Feb next year we have my brother booked and he’s going to put down all new floors and he’s making us a wardrobe. With regards to buying clothes again I’ll start picking them up (please God) end of Jan/feb! But you need to do what YOU feel comfortable with, so if you want to start buying stuff now go ahead there’s no right or wrong here… sister had EVERYTHING for her little bab when she was only 12 weeks pregnant!!!!
breeze Posts: 1175
So far we have buggie/car seat - got it 2 weeks ago MIL has the pram in her house sterliser - got this week vests, babygrows, hat mitts, picking them up as i go along wipes, bottle cleaner, Hoping to get the room done in the next few weeks, will also need to get the cot and accessorys for the room, but to date thats what we have bought. My sister had a baby 18months ago and i can borrow her bouncer, moses basket. MIL has all this stuff in her house so when babs come along we can go and get it then. I find it easier buying things each week, speads the cost.
Forgottenpassword Posts: 1078
Well I feel super organised now!! We have our pram, our moses basket, our car seat. All the clothes the baby will need for the first few weeks, nappies, bottles, Stereliser, changing mat and Dummies! We also have nearly everything that is needed for the hospital and labour bags but, just do not have them backed. It helps that we are not supersticious as we have all of those at home with us now. FP
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Its really whatever you feel comfortable with LMS. For me as you prob know I'm really superstitious and could only bring myself to buy anything (as in nappies etc for hosp) in the last few weeks. I only packed my bag last week :eek which was leaving it a bit late I suppose. I have a moses basket that we were all put in and a pram my sister gave me and a car seat and am not buying a buggy till after the baby arrives. Not doing up the nursery either as I figure the baby will be in our room for the first couple of months so wanted to leave that too. I guess its from previous experience that I'm like this so it is really personal, I'm terrified of tempting fate!! Plus I'm not an organised person like you either at all, an organised person prob wouldn't be leaving things like I have!!