Pregnancy pilates south dublin

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lucy1 Posts: 109
HI there, Does anyone know where it is possible to do pregnancy pilates in south Dublin? I think my back and pelvis need strengthening! Thanks, Lucy1
Inlove10 Posts: 806
Ooh i'd be interested in that too! I much prefer pilates to yoga Did you try googling it?
mooky Posts: 1501
Hi Girls Umamma in Kilmacanogue (beside Avoca Cafe) do it.) do it.
babybliss Posts: 437
I have been doing pregnancy Pilates for the past 3 months and cannot recommend them high enough! I have arthritis on my spine and suffered quite a bit with pain, but since starting the classes I can see huge improvement. I do my classes on Dame street, their website is
Inlove10 Posts: 806
Lucy1 did you find out if you can do this in South/West dublin?
hopeful1973 Posts: 4385
The yoga studio in Ranelagh do pregnancy pilates classes ( H
Inlove10 Posts: 806
Ah sugar, Ranelagh doesn't suit Might just have to go for the pregnancy yoga...
lucy1 Posts: 109
Thanks for all the replies. I found a company in Baggot st and Dame st. I haven't had a chance to ring them yet. I started yoga this week and found ti relaxing but maybe not so strengthening. Good luck!
SmileyCake Posts: 119
I can't speak highly enough of the pregnancy pilates classes in umamma, good luck!
laoiseDn Posts: 5
What about Terenure/Kimmage (The studio is near the KCR shop ) I do Pilates classes there and there is a special pregnancycourse that starts soon after Easter i will be doing it also.(Been doing pilates for 3 yrs now and i LOVE it. I can pm the phone number if you want it.