Pregnancy Pilates/Yoga in Clare/Limerick

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aglorgleanbh Posts: 103
Anybody have any ideas where I might even find out about this! Thanks :thnk
ThinkingPositive Posts: 161
Heya, ment to reply to this earlier but had comptuer trouble Below is a link to ante-natal pilates in Limerick, it's on tuesdays in Calteltroy, but the block of six classes has just started, not sure if you'll be able to join mid-way but you could enquire about the next set of sessions. it does get booked up fairly quickly though [url:2jean4s8][/url:2jean4s8]
Number2inNov Posts: 447
I'd second the above post. I did 2 blocks of 6 classes with Ailish leading up to the birth and really enjoyed it. It helped me during the early stages of labour too and I felt more prepared. I'm hoping to do post natal pilates once I've had my 6 week check up.
Little Boss Posts: 131
I just started with Ailish last wk - felt very positive leaving the class. She was very thorough in checking health of me and [as I do have some health issues] she gave advice to me as to what to watch out for and modify if meccessary. Have signed up for 6 wks course - will be almost 30 wks at that point so would like to think that I'll book in for next set of classes too. Also have done 2/3 pregnancy yoga classes on o connell ave [in basement unit on same block and sam side of street as Belltable Arts Centre]. Liking these classes too when I've managed to get to them. Those classes are just drop-in classes so unfortunately don't have any contact details for you for them. Pregnancy class is Monday 7-8:30 €12. Spotted them advertised in local free paper month ago and also saw flyer hanging in maternity when there last. HTH.
aglorgleanbh Posts: 103
Brilliant girls, thanks ! I contacted Ailish & I started classes with her. So far so good!!! Hope ye are all keeping well. O-O