Pregnancy pillows

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HMB Posts: 459
Just wondering are they worth it? Am I better off just using a regular pillow or is there a pregnancy pillow you'd recommend? The dream genii seems to get lots of mixed reviews.
pag Posts: 633
I don't use dream genii at all but I have a wedge cushion from mothercare that I cannot sleep without. It acts as wedge/support under bump so I can sleep on my side reasonably comfortably.
HMB Posts: 459
I've not even got a bump but it's trying not to lie on my boobs that's the problem at the moment. Might head to mothercare tomorrow, thanks!
neemo Posts: 85
hi HMB I bought a dream geni pillow about three months ago after a few sleepless nights trying to get comfortable in the bed, have to say while i would have been sceptical initially and it really was bought in an act of desperation to get a good nights sleep, i found it great and especially as i got bigger. i cant sleep without it now. I also have the mothercare wedge pillow, a friend of mine gave me hers after i had made my purchase and i find it fantastic for getting comfortable on the couch or even now if i am passenger in a car for any length of time. I went home to my mam's for Christmas and i trailing around the place with various odd shaped pillows like a child with a comfort blanket! all in all a good investment though... Good luck N
MeSB Posts: 3785
gingernutter Posts: 1356
I have the dream genii one and i love it. have been using it from about week 12 and i cant sleep without it now. I got it on and it was about €45, well worth it IMO.
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
I have a U shaped pillow. They are the business for any back/pelvic problems, I literally wouldn't sleep a wink at night without mine. My sil gave me a wedge pillow as well which is comfy to use at times too.
HMB Posts: 459
Thanks ladies. Was in mother care - they had a really poor selection - just two wedge pillows. Didn't buy as they looked tiny - will have to check out more I think.
magicmoments Posts: 75
Have the dream genii and I love it. Would highly recommend it. Got it around week 16, and do think it has really helped with getting comfy at nite and having good sleeps.