Pregnancy rant, please dont take offense

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SandyClaws Posts: 3108
I am cracking up big time here. im 8+3 and im crippled with the morning sickness. im miserable with it. the only thing keeping me going is that its meant to be a good sign for the baby. im off work because theres no way i could sit there all day feeling like this, plus the numerous toilet visits... its moreso the nausea that is the problem, i dont know how many times ive dry heaved. i know how lucky i am to be pg and its what i really wanted, but i didnt think the sickness would be this bad... im forcing myself to eat and drink and feeling ill the whole time, i dont sleep well at night at all. im counting the days til 12 weeks and praying that it stops being as bad around then... im sorry if this is offensive to people who are ttc and im really grateful that i am pg, and i know how blessed we are, and im looking forward to my scan on saturday because at least once i know the baby is there working away it wont feel as bad, but im losing the will to live here
lolabelle Posts: 3311
Oh you poor thing. Morning sickness should be renamed to morning noon and night sickness because thats what I had and I was miserable. Nothing helped me. It lasted for 5 months for me :weep :weep Its something I'm dreading about the next pregnancy (when we eventually get there :o0 ) so rant away. All us mammies that suffered feel your pain!!
NittyGritty Posts: 1605
Have you tried ginger? My friend and sister swear by the stuff to help alleviate nausea. Since they can't use Motillium and the like there's a constant supply of ginger nuts on the go even though eating is the last thing they want to do. Health food shops also stock hard ginger sweets to suck on. Hope you feel better soon.
IndigoMoon Posts: 2842
Ah loads of :action31 :action31 :action31 for you. Feel bad now I didn't deliver the roast
SandyClaws Posts: 3108
[quote="IndigoMoon":gosoj3ij]Ah loads of :action31 :action31 :action31 for you. Feel bad now I didn't deliver the roast[/quote:gosoj3ij] ah thanks :thnk i have the beef defrosting for tomorrow so thanks for the idea at least :thnk ill look into the ginger sweets, ill try anything at this stage, im not a fan of ginger, have tried the biscuits but they didnt do a whole lot. going to look into acupuncture too... i even was sitting in newspaper because someone said their aunt said it worked!!! it didnt but i still tried it!!!
NittyGritty Posts: 1605
Oh and I just remembered another remedy. My sis got these wristband things from the chemist. They press tightly against some pressure point or other and they actually worked for her and helped to get rid of the nausea. As you said, at this stage anythings worth a go!
Excitedwife Posts: 1186
Awwww I hate that miserable feeling. I never got sick but felt rotten in the evenings.... its terrible and as happy as you obviously are, it's still hard as it still seems surreal as you are feeling no movement etc that early! It does get better :action32
YoMammaSo Posts: 3256
your not being ungrateful, being pregnant is HARD work i think when people have their babies they forget the hard times during the pregnancy, at the moment im going to wait like, ten years for the next one ha ha I swore id have them all close together. I feel your pain i felt awfull guilty when i wanted to compain a little too, your perfectly entitled, its like being hungover for 10 months! you will have good days, and make the most of them, all ill say is SLEEP SLEEP AND MORE SLEEP. look after your self!
SandyClaws Posts: 3108
thanks everyone :thnk its good to know im not the only one who thinks its hard work!! nitty gritty i had made my own seasick bands but didnt think they were working, but ive ordered some off inhealth so hopefully the :thnk proper ones will work
Asscher Posts: 732
Oh it is just a miserable feeling. You have every right to be fed up it is just draining and exhausting and I found it upsetting to be puking so much. I was a ball of nerves everytime we went anywhere in case it struck (which it did on numerous occasions). I tried everything lucozade lite, tic tacs, ginger ale, ginger nut biscuits, crackers. If I thought it would work I tried it. One day I ate a couple of Banshee Bones (you know the kiddy corn snack crisp things) and I felt much better after them. They were not too greasy and just eating a couple made a big difference. Afterwards someone told me salt and vinegar crisps were great for settling the stomach so it wasn't just me they worked for. Also after I had been sick my stomach took ages to settle and sipping ginger ale really helped then. Hopefully it will pass for you soon. Mine lasted until 13 weeks and now at 18 weeks is a distant memory thank god.