Pregnancy related illness - Sick Pay

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hunnimonster Posts: 21
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seedee Posts: 1017
i think illness is illness, pregnancy related or not. a lot of companies dont even have paid sick leave. its not a legal requirement of them. of course it would have been nice of them to tell you as you were approaching your quota of paid sick leave, that their policy was to pay for x amount of days in x years, but there is nothing you can do about it im afraid. and you cant stop yourself being sick. hope the rest of your pregnancy runs smoothly and you wont need to depend on them. you should be entitled to the social welfare sick pay whether they pay you the rest or not.
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
You are lucky not many companies pay sick pay. I have been off a lot and have had to rely on Social Welfare. Were you not told when you first started about the quota for sick pay? It's a shame you are only finding out now.
jewellb Posts: 2389
Where I work pregnancy sick leave can not go on permanent record!! I also was sick for most of first tri and only get paid for 12 wks! Where I work also we have a sick leave policy your place of work should have one! I know is not much but you should get sick benefit if you are out again, Where I work is very strict on sick leave but can't say anything if it pregnancy related and certified by a doctor!!
JLa Posts: 527
hunnimonster, do they have a policy where they pay you for certified sick days? I know that on my last pregnancy I went out on mat leave about 3 weeks early because of pelvic pain, and it was certified so I got paid (and my employer got the social welfare payment) - it's worth asking, you don't want to be worrying about needing a day off here and there to get you through the pregnancy. Pregnancy is hard work without that!