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S0phia Posts: 367
Hi girls, thinking of buying a Doppler from here - anyone bought it before? thanks a mil !
bride. Posts: 3014
I find that shop very overpriced for most things. You could always double check the price against argos on line, they do dopplers as far as i know.
Raindeer Posts: 169
I agree, I think that shop is totally crap and over priced. I am usually very extravagant but the variety is really bad and products are not great. Definately shop around. Also, while you have the time shop around for everything, I was amazed at the price difference of stuff. My Angle Care was €60 dearer in World Of Wonder compared to Smiths.
S0phia Posts: 367
Thanks girls, i only made it as far as Mothercare as it started lashing rain....bought the summer prenatal doppler - seems to have been a total waste though so i might just order one online!!!!!
oirish Posts: 1541
I bought the doppler in there and it wasn't great. Now I could pick up the heartbeat form about 11 weeks on but by god did I lie silently still for half an hour at a time until I found him !!! Also - bought maternity jeans in there for €120 - over bump - they WILL NOT STAY UP I threw them over the bannisters last night in a temper (only for I was given avoucher for the place I would never have paid that much. They look fab on - but are so bloody frustrating, the elastic just pings back down over the bump then they fall off me. Over priced, very little choice in that shop. very dissapointing.