pregnancy symptom-watery mouth??

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Leona C Posts: 106
hi girls, question for ye! my big sis thinks she may be pregnant but not sure.doesnt really have much sypmtoms-headaches on and off- but she's been saying she's had a very watery mouth for the last 4 days. i've googled this for her and an answer for it is early sign of pregnancy, did any of ye have this as a symptom and if so, how early did ye have it?? hope ye can help
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
Hi Leona Sorry this didn't happen to me actually it was a dry mouth but every person is different. When is her period due? Most pregnancy tests will pick it up 4 days before she is due.
coxy Posts: 34
Hey Leona C, I had that watery mouth from the start of my pregnancy, and a pregnancy book i bought says is one of the things that can happen. Hope this helps
Leona C Posts: 106
hey girls, thanks for the replies. she's due in a few days but wasnt sure if it was too early to have that symptom as a sign of pregnancy.fingers crossed she is!!