Pregnancy & the pill

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help_please Posts: 7
Hi girls, quick (prob silly) question. I am a usual poster on the main forum but as I am known need to use my alias! Not ttc yet but hop to soon. I'm on the pill at the moment & I've been a bit careless this month, forgetting to take the pill, taking it late & when on hols (& in different time zones) I prob missed a couple of days also. Now, I know I'm probably not, but does anyone know how you would know you were pregnant? Will I still get a period? (I've just started my 7 day break) I'd hate to keep taking the pill if there was a chance I was pg. So silly, but we are not even trying but part of me has a little hope that I could be - how mad is that (I reckon subconsciously maybe I was trying to get pg, def wouln't have been this careless before I got married!!!!!) Thank you in advance!
milis Posts: 7998
Your withdrawal bleed could still come. If it was me I'd test before you go back on the pill, and then test again in a fortnight just to keep your mind at ease.
help_please Posts: 7
Thanks Milis for that! Just one other question though, how likely is it that I could be pg? I've seen how much difficulty quite a few girls go through to conceive normally. Am I over-reacting? Has anyone here gotten pg or known anyone that did from missing a few pills one month? Sorry for all the questions! Any advice appreciated!
milis Posts: 7998
I know one person who got pg after missing a couple of pills, and one who got pg while taking antibiotics....
katestar Posts: 125
even if u miss 1 pill u can still get pregnant so its possible. also it depends what part of cycle u missed ur pill on. what pill r u on? if u dont have a bleed in the 7 day break then do a test
help_please Posts: 7
I kind of missed it at different parts of my cycle. I just kept forgetting, though not in consecutive days (I think at one stage I missed 2 in a row). I prob missed or was late on about 5 pills. I'm on cilest. I just feel silly buying a pregnancy test cos I don't 'feel' pregnant but maybe it's better to be safe. Thanks again girls!
firefly78 Posts: 312
quite possible that you could be....speaking from experience! I got pregnant a week after coming off the pill, the day aftre my period finished! I was very lucky as I know this does not always happen for people and even the doctors think it was incredible as was on the pill for 6 yrs!
help_please Posts: 7
Ok, well I reckon I might do a pregnancy test so, just in case. I've already had a bit of breakthrough bleeding but I guess as you said Milis that doesn't prove anything. Thanks again for all your advice! firefly - that's mad that you got pg so soon, congrats on your BFP though!!