Pregnancy Yoga Cork-Anyone?

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baby mac Posts: 161
Hi Girlies, Saw a pregnancy yoga class advertised in cork,starting next Mon evening. Anyone thinking of doing this or are already doing it??? I gave pregnancy pilates a try but to be honest I didn't really like it-found it a bit 'airy-fairy' for me. *) *) *) So, just looking for some feedback on the yoga before I hand over my cash!!!
groovee Posts: 529
Hey babymac, sorry I'm not replying with any help but just to say that i'm really interested in this too. and also just wondering at how many weeks can you start? just got my first BPF on Sat so starting to get planning now. Thanks.
Pheebs Posts: 1102
Hi, I'm not in Cork but just to say that I've done training with Nicole Henkle-Murphy at the Cork Yoga Centre & she's great on pregnancy yoga so I'd highly recommend her. Normally it's recommended not to start pregnancy yoga until 12 weeks until energy levels are back to normal so try to rest as much as possible until then groovee - congrats on the BFP by the way!
peachesbride Posts: 110
I would highly recommend Yogabindu in South Main Street. The classes were fantastic, only thing is they are so popular you may have to wait for a place. She is also a midwife so gives fantastic advice on top of the yoga! This is her website: