Pregnancy Yoga Lucan/Leixlip surrounding areas

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taurus09 Posts: 484
Hi Thinking of taking up pregnancy yoga and just wondering if anyone knows of any classes in the lucan area or anywhere within a short drive? Thanks
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
Hi Yoga moms in Leixlip do pregnancy yoga They are situated over Tuthills on the Captains Hill
taurus09 Posts: 484
perfect, thanks a million vanilla icecream
Handymammy Posts: 1086
I started with them last week and seems good- I was certainly very relaxed after. THe class I am in has lots of girls near the end, so I am hoping that some newbies like me start in next few weeks. The lady who runs them is very nice, but not great at getting back to you. So if you don't hear back from her, then just turn up 5 mins before class start and she can sign you in- there should be room. Hope this helps
taurus09 Posts: 484
Thanks Aug10. If i don't hear in next week or so I'll prob try dropping out on the evening of the class. Where is the best place to park out there?
Handymammy Posts: 1086
you are in luck. there is a carpark directly opposite Tuthills- (in behind the shops opposite) that is empty in the evenings. think that it is free in evenings also- well I never pay there anywhere. Also, you will probably be able to park on the street directly outside the yoga place.
taurus09 Posts: 484
great, thanks aug10.
Hoping42 Posts: 536
How much is it per class Aug10 and do I have to bring a mat?
teeny tiny tears Posts: 240
stickytoffee Posts: 713
how much is yogamoms? vinyasflow is Pregnancy Yoga €80 for 6 weeks or €15 per class and you dont have to start at the beginning of the course..... there's also one near weston airport....i used to go to yoga there but just checked their site and doesnt look like they do pregnancy yoga. the yogamom pictures looks very nice. im coming towards the end of 1st trimester so hopefully ill be able to go in a few weeks! my worry was how late they were gonna be on!!!! too tired to go to anything late in the evenings these days :)