Pregnancy Yoga - when?

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jjewel Posts: 691
Just wondering if anyone can recommend when the best time to start pregnancy yoga is? I havent done yoga before but would like to try it. I emailed a few places near where I live and they said after 14/15 weeks, but a friend of mine said thats way too early to start doing it........ Anyone any thoughts!?
redrobin Posts: 428
After 14/15 weeks is about right. I think I started once my first trimester was over. Just get the ok from your doc first. Hope you enjoy it! HTH
strangeangel Posts: 1269
It's physically fine to start doing it then. In addition to the physical benefits, I really enjoyed it as some time out for me every week to relax and it was nice to meet other pregnant women. Keep doing it up the end, whether you do it yourself at home or keep going to a class - I really felt it helped me a lot during labour.
ulanzi Posts: 135
I've been doing it since the start of the second trimester and I've really found it fantastically helpful for general wellbeing during pregnancy as well. It gives you ways to solve back problems before they begin and so-on. I'd highly recommend it.
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
I plan on starting it in the next few weeks have been ringing around already trying to find out where its on, really looking forward to it, once I get my energy back :o0 :o0
Heebie Jeebies Posts: 608
Apologies if slightly off topic but i'm starting pilates on 28th July, at which stage i'll be 30wks. the pregnancy pilates class was full so the instructor is taking me on with her beginners pilates class, she says i should be able for it and it's only for 6 weeks anyway so i'll give it a shot. she said i can play it by ear and see how i'm feeling after the first night :o)ll
Hellothere2010 Posts: 2358
girls - Ive never done yoga. Im so inflexible though and had bad bad back pain on baby one. do you think yoga would be good to loosen me up this time??
jjewel Posts: 691
Thanks on hols in two weeks so will prob wait until after that to get started. Its expensive enough to do it in any of the places I've contacted so far! Will hoepfully be worth it!
Nov Bridie 09 Posts: 967
Girls - do any of you know where you can do it in South Dublin? I'm doing Maternity Aqua aerobics every week but I know it's not enough... I've never done yoga before & am a little nervous about being the eejit at the back who has no flexibility!
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
I started when I was 18 weeks pg with ds and did it right up to the end. Thought it was fantastic and would def do it again please god when time comes