Pregnant after ectopic - terrified

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Leogirl1983 Posts: 200
Hi all I am now nearly 5 weeks pregnant after an ectopic at the start of November. At the time they had to remove my right tube but I still have both ovaries and I was told it could take longer to get pregnant the next time around. We were told to wait 2-3 months before ttc again and to our shock and delight I got pregnant in the first month of trying :) we just found out on valentines day :) We are delighted but I am absolutely terrified it might be another ectopic. I feel fine just very tired but any little twinge or cramp on my left side is sending my mind into overdrive. I'm even having nightmares about it being another ectopic :( have an early scan on the 27th which seems a lifetime away :( I know some cramping is normal but my pain levels on the ectopic weren't even that high (it was just like a stitch in my side) so I'm not even sure what I should worry about. Would love to hear some positive stories from any of you have have had an ectopic and gone one to become pregnant Cheers :)
freddiebear Posts: 215
Firstly, Congratulations on your BFP! I haven't experienced an ectopic but one of my closest friends had one in December 2012. She recently gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy after a pregnancy with no issues whatsoever! Fingers crossed you will have a smooth pregnancy and have a healthy, happy baby at the end :-)
atina Posts: 2240
I had this exact type of twinge on my left side at the early stages of my pregnancy! I was convinced it was ectopic it felt like a pinching sensation! I got a private early scan at 8 weeks and it really put my mind at ease!
Mrs Brightside1 Posts: 2
Hi, I had an ectopic in Jan 2011 and I lost my right tube too. It wasn't an easy rd for us after as I had scar tissue but after 3 failed ivfs and a lap I had a natural pregnancy and my little boy was born 4 months ago. He is fast asleep here beside me. The first few week of the pregnancy were awful as I felt every twinge was an ectopic but once I had my 7 week scan I settled a bit. When I felt him kick at 18 weeks I finally allowed myself to get excited. As terrible as the ectopic was all the hardship was worth it the moment I held my son for the first time. Best of luck with the pregnancy. Ps did U get bloods done in the epu to rule out ectopic?
southsidebelle Posts: 118
I had an ectopic last Feb and also lost right tube. I am in the coombe at the moment looking at my little Valentines baby. I had a scan at 5 week s just to check site of implantation. I was just like you stressed to bits but trust me it's worth it. PM me if you like with any questions. Congratulations! !
Hollylol Posts: 1072
Hi LeoGirl, Congratulations on your BFP!!! I had an ectopic on my first pregnancy, and on the next I had my beta HCG levels checked every 48 hours by my GP to make sure they were rising, which thankfully they were, I know that with every pain and twinge in those early weeks my heart was in my mouth. Get your GP to check yours for a week and then you may get some peace of mind as I know the 27th seems like a lifetime away. Best of luck Hollylol O:o) O:o) O:o) O:o)
Leogirl1983 Posts: 200
Thanks for the replies ladies - it's great to hear some positive stories. Having an ectopic is such a traumatic experience so im delighted of you all :) I was at my gp on Friday and she didn't offer the blood tests but did say if I felt any pain to go straight to an a and e. She did arrange for a scan at six weeks(the 27th) I am feeling good at the minute just tired with some headaches. I can't say I'm feeling anything that would warrant a trip to a and e and hopefully it stays that way. I am getting twinges now and then but nothing too bad and I'm also getting them on the other side an odd time so I hope it's nothing to worry about.I had an ultrasound done in jan to check my ovaries etc looked ok and there was nothing unusual so I'm hoping my ectopic was just bad luck and my other tube is working fine. I was due to have that dye test done but Didnt get around to that as I got pregnant quickly! My consultant said that in the majority of cases an ectopic is just bad luck but I suppose you think if it can happen once then it can happen again! Anyway I'll try to remain positive and fingers crossed all goes well on the 27th. Thanks again for all your replies L x
HeatherF Posts: 105
I also had an ectopic, and I'm now pregnant after IVF. The twinges you feel can be caused by a corpus luteum cyst on the ovary that released the egg. It produces progesterone for the first few weeks of pregnancy. Everyone gets it, but some women feel a little pain or twinge, so I'm sure that is what you are feeling. Glad you are getting an early scan at 6 weeks - they'll be able to see where the pregnancy it at that stage. Good luck!
nicmurphy Posts: 149
Congrats on your bfp leogirl, I haven't had an ectopic but did have 2 mc last yr one being a mmc, am now 16 weeks pregnant, I was a nervous wreck and still am :-) I got my hcg levels checked every 2-3 days from 5 weeks this time for reassurance til I had my first scan at 7 weeks. It kept me same from all d worrying, Best of luck xx
Leogirl1983 Posts: 200
Hey ladies I have some brilliant news:) I was really working myself up yesterday evening as I was getting cramping and I felt it was more pronounced on the left side (where my only tube was). My aunt who is a midwife said I should go in as even if everything was ok the stress was not good - when I went in my pulse rate was really high obviously due to anxiety. Anyway after waiting hours and in a right state I eventually got a scan and the little bean is in the right place :) they could see the sac but not the fetal pole as they said it was too soon for that at just over 5 weeks. Me and the hubbie are over the moon- I still have cramping but gynae said that was normal for some women as long as there was no bleeding :)