Pregnant and Bridesmaid at 17 Weeks

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CJ1 Posts: 110
I have just found out that I am pregnant with our first baby (am absolutely delighted). I am a bridesmaid to my BFF when I will be 17.5 weeks along at the time of the wedding. I am now worried that I won't fit into the dress. I have a retroverted (tilted) womb and am a size 8-10. It took months for my dress to come in, so I don't know if I can order it in a bigger size. From your experiences, do you think I will be showing much at that stage? I don't want to cause the bride any undue stress over this. She really deserves to have everything go perfectly for her.
Indiana Posts: 204
I think it will very much depend on you physically... I got pregnant when I was five month away from getting married, and had dress pickeded and everything. Was 21 weeks when i got maried and only had to have my dress taken out a very little bit. Wasn't really showing at all though I had put on a few pounds.... If your dress is capable of being altered a little bit (if needs be), you'll have nothing to worry about!!
CJ1 Posts: 110
Thanks for that - I feel a bit reassured!
Delish Posts: 4176
I was 18 weeks when bm for my sis, got dress in a 12 (my pre-pregnancy size). It was very tight accross my boobs, but otherwise fine. I wore spanx one size too big. I didn't have a bump as such, mayby a small pot belly but no bump.
JanuB Posts: 42
I was BM for my sister at 18 weeks... We had bought the dresses last year, so I was a bit worried, but it all worked out fine. I had a barely there bump and anyone who didn't know wouldn't have guessed! It all depends on the style of the dress of course. My dress had been a little too big on the bust and I planned to get it taken in. It still was a little big on me, but was comfortable on the day.. My bust has increased in size alright.. Don't worry!! I had been phoning around the US and UK when I first found out, trying to find a bigger size just in case... There was about an inch of fabric on both sides, so it was possible to let it out a bit if required... I'm sure yours will be the same. I kept trying on the dress in the weeks leading up to the wedding, and never had to adjust.. Good luck with it, and don't stress!! [url=][img:1okb48jp][/img:1okb48jp][/url:1okb48jp]