pregnant and getting a period??

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Lunasa Posts: 140
Hi girls feel really silly asking this but im just wondering if any of you have heard of getting a period and being pregnant? im on the pill and always take it regularly. was on anti biotics a couple of months ago and thats the only way i could have been careless. i have been getting my peiods as regularly as always but i just have a strange feeling i could be pregnant. a few people have asked me if i was. ive put on a little weight on face and tummy, not sleeping as well and have alot more cm than usual. no sore boobs or sickness tho. just wondering if any of you could shed some light???
jmeath Posts: 5740
As far as i know it is possible...i have heard about a few people that got their period throughout their pregnancy. The on ly way to know is to do a test. Best of luck
red_rubies Posts: 2424
Yeah, you would still get a period, for a while anyway if you're still on the pill. If you suspect, best to test asap cos you shouldn't be continuing with the pill if you are pg. Good Luck!!
jen2007 Posts: 218
did you test ???
sarakg83 Posts: 347
Yes it is possible. A girl I went to school with was 6 and a half months pregnant and didnt know because she was still getting her period. She only had two weeks to get used to the idea and went into early labour. The baby was fine, I think she was about 18 at the time
Lunasa Posts: 140
yea i tested and got BFN. Even though we weren't trying we were really disappointed and so have decided that we are officially TTC. have AF now and not going back on the pill so we'll see what happens. so excited. :lvs thanks for askin.x
jen2007 Posts: 218
best of luck :o)ll :o)ll :lvs