Pregnant and returning to college

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gettingstarted Posts: 157
Hi all I could do with some advice if anyone has it. We just got a BFP last weekend, which means i am just over 6 weeks :babydust: , absolutely thrilled and hoping everything will go okay... Anyway I am currently unemployed, lost my job in March, worked as a secretary all my life, but decided now was the time for a career change and I have applied to a few places to do the one year Childcare course. It will probably be August before I get called for interview. But what do I do now? Will i still be able to do the course? Do i tell them at interview stage that I am pregnant? My head is just all over the place as i had my heart set on it? Any advice would be gratefully accepted...
Herry Posts: 84
Congratulations firstly!!! I would say go for applying for it and then possibly defer your place until the following year. Once offered a place, you could talk to them about your options. You are probably due around March and it might not be feasible to be in college and trying to do placements and assignments, while needing to be at home. Also check if they have creche facilities as that might help you the following year with minding your own baby and studying.
fairybelle Posts: 154
I'd go for the interview and see how you get on. If the course is semesterised you could get half of the year done by january and still only be around seven months gone, finishing the course would be a lot easier than starting fresh with a little one I think. I'm studying at the moment and i'm due in october I have one year done and one to go so I hope that all the work I've put in so far will make it a little easier to go back to after I take a break. Congrats on your BFP!!! Hope this helps xxx
gettingstarted Posts: 157
Heya fairybelle and herry, thanks for your reply. Yeah i guess il just wait until i am called for interview and discuss it with them then to what my options are etc, i just start panicking about these things.. lol. Still cant believe im having a baby thou... :o)ll
fairybelle Posts: 154
Well best of luck with the interview O:o) And yeah it takes a while to get used to the oh my god I'm having a baby thoughts, I'm still not there and I'm twenty seven weeks!! Good luck xxx
TurtleBaby1 Posts: 693
Go to the interview but I would only discuss the pregnancy if you get the offer of the course. Also if you are eligable for maternity benifet make sure that studying wont affect it - I have no idea if it does. I am finishing my masters in April and my baby is due next month. I intend to carry on as normal. I'm studying with the open university and they give you all your deadlines ahead of time so that you can plan ahead. Do you know how many hours a week your course would be?
fish12 Posts: 389