Pregnant and Wedding in 10 weeks

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DaisyLottie Posts: 11
So I just found out that I'm pregnant (unplanned) and we're getting married in 10 weeks. I don't know how I'm going try and hide it. I've my hen in 3 week's and I think I'll find it hard to hide not drinking there will also be lots of meals etc before the wedding. My dress is really form fitting, I'm hoping I won't be showing that much at 14 weeks. Does anyone have any suggestions for me with keeping the secret
CasualBride Posts: 574
Oh God - congratulations but you must be a bit shocked at the same time? I don't have much advice for you on concealing bumps, maybe you won't have much of one by then - a friend of mine got married last year at around 6 weeks pregnant and she was tiny, nobody suspected a thing. As for your hen - the only thing I can think of is to pretend you're not feeling hectic in the few days leading up to it and then on the day, say that you're just not able to drink much, keep a glass of fizzy water in your hand at all times, something that looks like vodka & 7Up or G&T and just say to everyone who tries to buy you a drink, that you've got a load of them on a table somewhere else, that they can get you again, later on in the night.
DaisyLottie Posts: 11
Yes a complete shock but it's amazing. It has made me not care about the wedding a little bit. What's the point in panicking over little things now when it's only one day and this is a forever. I just don't want to tell people until after the honeymoon. Thanks for the advice, I've already prepped people that I'm off shots after a bad Hangover